The OnlineMSW@Fordham curriculum emphasizes holistic, 21st-century professional social work practice as defined by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), preparing you to pursue a meaningful career across a range of practice areas including clinical practice, organizational leadership, and social science research.

Curriculum Overview

We take a future-focused, skills-based, integrated approach to social work education that prepares you to work successfully at all levels of practice from individuals to communities as you lead the profession forward. You will learn a range of master’s-level concepts and skills, from culturally responsive, evidence-informed direct practice to policy advocacy and research.

The curriculum features both a generalist phase and a specialist phase. Traditional Master of Social Work (MSW) students complete 62 credits of foundation and advanced practice coursework. Advanced standing students build on the foundation provided by their bachelor’s degree in social work to complete 31 credits of advanced practice coursework.

The program can be completed in as few as four terms for traditional students and two terms for advanced standing students. Each term comprises two eight-week mini sessions of intensive instruction, providing a more manageable balance of coursework and field education, especially for students who choose to enroll in full-time MSW study.

Traditional MSW

62 credits

4-8 terms

Advanced Standing MSW

31 credits

2-4 terms

OnlineMSW@Fordham embodies the tradition of integrated social work practice and education with a commitment to helping both individuals and communities thrive. Our curriculum design gives you more choice in selecting areas that meet your professional focus interest while ensuring that you develop advanced skills that cut across populations and contexts.

Generalist Phase

If you are enrolled as a traditional MSW student, you will begin your program by learning and building a strong foundation in the areas of human rights and social justice, the history and evolution of social work, theoretical underpinnings of the field, and methods for conducting research and evaluating practice. Each of your eight foundation courses will prepare you to begin serving organizations and communities as well as individuals, families, and groups across the lifespan.

Specialist Phase

Whether you are enrolled as a traditional or advanced standing MSW student, you will complete coursework centered around the following focus areas:

  • Individuals and Families
  • Organizations and Community
  • Evaluation
  • Policy Practice and Advocacy

The specialist curriculum is responsive to the changing needs of the social work profession as well as your practice interests and needs as a student. Each course embeds the competencies required for integrated professional practice while also providing the forward-facing skills required to effectively support diverse individuals and communities in the 21st century.

You may select courses that delve into one area, or you can choose from our sophisticated matrix of offerings to create a more inter-professional focus. An adviser will guide you throughout the process of choosing your specialty courses.